My name is Karin Nomura (née Gunnarsson). I am originally from Sweden and landed in Barcelona in 2016. I came here via London, where I spent a large part of my life studying fine art and photography (MA Royal College of Art) and developing my skills as photographer and artist. My time in London was followed by a few years living and creating Tokyo.


The first seeds of what now is Pose and Play Barcelona were planted when I made my son a costume and photographed him for a Christmas picture. He was having so much fun with the glitter garland. Sensory play ^^

I found I really enjoyed the whole creative process. From having a concept through to designing and making the costume to the photographic setting and lighting.

My background in photography, is in fine art and fashion, but I always felt a bit split between the two. With Pose and Play Barcelona I want to create a place that gives opportunity to explore it all and more.

With Pose and Play Barcelona, I want to promote the joy of  personal  image play. (...and take awesome pictures...)


Pose and Play Barcelona is a place to play, have fun, try things out and release the imagination through dress-up and posing.