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Behind the Lens

​ Hello :) Thank you for visiting 'Atelier Estrellitas' online; a portrait photography experience for children and tweens. My name is Karin Nomura (formerly Gunnarsson) and I am a photographer based in Barcelona, Spain, where I run 'Atelier Estrallitas'.


 For over 20 years I have been taking portraits in several  different contexts, such as  fine art, fashion, film, music and dance photography as well as classical portraiture. After years of working in commercial photography, I was formally qualified in fine art photography at the Royal College of Art in London, where achieved my Masters degree in 2009.​ ​

​ In my artwork (photography and film), I often make sets out of textiles and paper. When my son Rai was born and many other children entered into my life, I found that I really enjoyed photographing children. I find it fascinating how children can so easily and unpretentiously get into an imaginary scenario.... and they enjoy dressing up as much as I have fun creating scenes and props. 


 I have for a long time been inspired by 19th century portrait photography. These portraits were on the one hand very formal studio portraits, where the sitter would come in their best clothes, stand regally and become statuesque in their appearance, due mainly to the long exposure times required. On the other hand were 'Tableaux vivants’; which usually staged classical narratives, with props, costumes and backgrounds. 

 I like the art aspirations of these olden day portraits. In today's world of quick images, I want to do my utmost to, not only, offer a fantastic and fun experience but also deliver excellent portraits (staged, captured and enhanced with today`s technology) and printed on the finest and durable materials, that will be worthy a place on the wall or kept, a lifetime or two, in a treasured album.

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Av Pau Casals

Barcelona, 08021

Tel: 123-456-7890

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