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Why can't I have all the pictures without a preview mark? 

The preview pictures (if you want them uploaded) are just for you to be able to view and select your favourite shots based on expressions. The finished images will have been carefully colour balanced, edited and retouched so they get to you in the good quality that represents the studio. The edit and retouch of one large family shoot often takes a full working day and sometimes even longer. We look to all details.  From fly away hairs and shirt creases to skin work and full composites with different faces from different exposures to get a few family pictures where everybody look their best. 

- How large can the images be printed? 

The edited high resolution images that are included in the packages can be printed comfortably up to A3 size. Any larger, the images won't be of optimum quality. 

Please enquire if large Fine Art prints are required.

- What outfits shall we bring for our family shoot?

Take the opportunity to dress-up as much as you can! Or keep it simple. It is up to you. Style consultations are included in all packages, where we would send you links to outfits available in the shops that goes with the Pose and Play Barcelona fun and stylish aesthetic.

Tip! Cotton is a popular choice and  beautiful when the clothes are fairly new but after a few washes in hard water the creases do not iron out very well, which means that often shirts and t-shirts does not drape beautifully from the body. So for shoot purposes it is better to choose a polyester mix, other synthetic, soft silk or a viscose. For maternity shoots we have a clean white shirt and t-shirt available to use.


In recognition of the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and other legislation relating toHealth and Safety, I, the sole trader, Karin Gunnarsson Nomura t/a Pose and Play Barcelona, will take all reasonable

measures as far as practically possible and take full responsibility to ensure my health,

safety and welfare and that of any photo subjects whilst at work.

Pose & Play Barcelona recognises that the control of all health and safety matters

arising from my work activities is not only an essential feature of my efficient operation but is also a civil and statutory obligation. As the sole trader I am responsible and it is my

policy to:

O Act within the framework of the law and good practice, safe and healthy working

conditions, equipment and conditions of work, for myself, models, members of the public and others who are affected and working with Pose & Play Barcelona. I will work in a safe manner to prevent accidents to myself and others.

Pose & Play Barcelona takes the issue of Health and Safety extremely seriously. It is my intention to provide a safe working environment for myself and others by:

O Providing safe systems of work;

O When office based using safe office equipment;

O Using safe and well maintained camera and flash equipment;

O Working safely on location:

O Transporting myself and equipment safely:

O Providing adequate and sufficient information, instruction and advice to others.

My Health and Safety Policy complies with the current legal requirements and will be updated as appropriate to take accounts of future developments or changes in UK or EC legislation.

It is my intention to achieve a healthy and safe working environment wherever that may be.

Pose & Play Barcelona undertakes to review this policy on a regular basis, and in the light of new knowledge, and changing legislation. This review will take place at a maximum of twelve months of the date shown below.



Health & Safety Policy

Data Protection

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