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An all inclusive event for

4 children*

between the ages 3-9.


The Kids Together Dress-Up Adventures take place in the Pose & Play studio in Sant Gervasi. We start with a welcome and the allocation of roles. This will be drawn randomly unless something different has been arranged in advance. 

When everybody is dressed up and ready, the games can begin. For the small explorers the activities will take place within a role play scenario that involves a mystery or problem to be solved. Within the scenario there will be a fun photo session where posing is part of the play.

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Weekends 10.30, 13.30, 16.30, 19.30

​Weekdays 17.30



An all inclusive event 

for 8 tweens*

between the ages 8-14 


The Tweens Together Model Experience sessions are all about the fashion V.I.P experience! Pose and play like a model at a professional photography studio in Pg Sant Joan.


The shoot will be styled based on outfits brought by the participants. There is a hair and make-up artist that make the tween models feel and look the part. When ready, the photographer guides and captures the fun and fabulous fashion fantasy. Please contact us​ if you are interested in solo+ model make-over sessions.


When the adventures and sessions are over it is time to change into civil clothes and then the VIP’s and explorers will take home a goody bag with a selection of goodies and a framed souvenir photo. 



  • Dressing and Styling

  • Photo session

  • Themed candy and drinks. (Fruit option)

  • The Kid's Adventures include ​a unique role play outline with props.

  • The Kid's Adventures include use of costumes and accessories.

  • ​The Tween Model Parties include age appropriate hair/make-up and a posing workshop.

  • Take-home goody bag with individual and group photo, gift and 10 euro print order voucher.

  • Password protected online photo sales gallery 

We also do tailor-made photography sessions

for one or two image explorers ...


The Adventure Sessions are best suited for 4 participants due to space and themed costume limitations. However we can accomodate up to 6 small children, from age of 3, at a stretch in our themed adventure studio. The Model Experience Sessions are best suited for up to 8 participants because of time limitations but at the sacrifice of make-up and styling time 10 participants can take part within the allocated time slot without being charged extra. The professional photography studio at Pg. Sant Joan can accomodate a maximum of 18 guests including accompanying adults. Extra make-up artist and studio time can be arranged at cost. Please enquire.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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